Link Popularity

What is Link Popularity?


Link Popularity is the process of checking the links of your website .Links are of two type inbound and outbound links. Inbound links are the links of your internal website and outbound links are the number of links from outside sources that lead back to the particular website. You gain link popularity with the search engines for having quality inbound and outbound links. Quality links are defined by their content relevancy to your site as well as their own popularity. An important factor in determining the quality of a link is its anchor text.Having a high link popularity is an excellent way not only to build a website but to also show others how good the website it. When other web pages link to a particular website it draws additional traffic for that website, as well as giving it what constitutes as votes in the search engine rankings. When two websites with very close levels of search engine optimization and information are being ranked by a search engine, more often the search engine will choose to rank the particular website with the higher link popularity first on search engine results pages.


How Search Engine Check Your Website

Search Engine is checking your website through crawling the webpage and find out the Inbound links in your webpage. It is important for search engine that your website has quality Links ,it means that your links are related to your website theme not other sites. Search Engine is decide when user seach for a particular word search engine can find the related Websites if your website is contains the related word the search engine can open your website But if the user can not find any related information in your website and close in 10 sec the search engine can penalize your web page.It means you have not take a good rank in google . We understand this and keep this in mind while preparing the link building campaign for your site. We use a variety of anchor text and actual description of the theme of the site to create the links for the site so that the relevancy of the link is maintained and natural link building is done for the site. Search engines like Google use special link analysis systems to determine if link popularity for a particular website is worth ranking the website in a higher position. This is considered an off-the-page part of search engine optimization for advertising companies, as it is hard to influence the number of inbound links to a particular website without participating in link farming. While search engine optimization may be used to boost the popularity of the website, only quality information and attractive layouts can truly help to built a good website.